Stress accompanies many other problems with it regarding health. It is also responsible for other problems like heart diseases, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and many more. One must follow these Ayurveda tips for Stress relief

Here are some Ayurvedic tips to get rid of stress.


  1. Sleep and Rest

It is important to have adequate sleep and rest to get relax and reduce the stress. When we are suffering from excess stress, taking rest and nap of sleep for 15-20 minutes, helps stay calm.

Moreover, taking sleep for eight hours a day rejuvenates our body and makes us feel fresh. Sleeping and resting play a crucial role in stress management, so we can even get ourselves to indulge in more than eight hours of sleep every day.


  1. Meditation

Meditation is the most effective way to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditating every morning even for a few minutes reduces stress. Research has proved that meditation reduces the stress producing hormones – cortisol and lactic acid.

Moreover, it is found that meditation increases the amount of secretion of serotonin hormone, which is a relaxing hormone. It has the most impressive results and has been used for thousands of years ago to present day time. Meditation cleans our mind and body from the whole day’s stress and lets one find the inner peace.

The best of it is that anybody can easily learn and do it at any time and at any place without any expenditure. Whether you are on a morning walk, on the way to your office or standing in a queue, and waiting for your turn, you can easily find a way to go to some meditation.

Meditation maintains the balance between emotional and overall health. Meditation not only reduces stress but have plenty of other benefits for our body too.


  1. Listening to music

Listening to soft music has soothing effects and makes one feel calm and relaxed. Music affects our mind, brain and even our nervous system.

It has been proven that music can even reduce the hormonal imbalance in our body because of its soothing effect that produces feeling bliss and calmness. Ayurveda recommends Gandharva Veda music, which is a combination of biological and nature’s rhythms.

It is also a therapy practiced in western countries and use soft music at low volumes for hours. One thing to keep in mind is that the music must not listen on high-level volume because it creates noise pollution and increases stress in our mind.


  1. Ayurvedic oil massage

Ayurvedic oil massage is one of the best methods to get us rid of stress and anxiety. One can do it every morning before taking a bath or at night to help get a tight sleep.

Just put some warm almond or coconut oil, and massage gently and firmly over the whole body, especially the feet, neck, shoulders and the scalp for few minutes as these are the stress releasing pressure points of our body. After the massage, you will feel like you are in heaven, where there is no worries and no tension.


  1. Ayurvedic herbs

Ayurvedic herbs nourish the nervous system that makes us handle more stress and tension. They help to restore a normal mental level of our brain.


Some of the best-known herbs are as follows.

Ashwagandha- It helps to strengthen the brain.

Brahmi- It is very effective in improving concentration and revitalizing brain health. It produces calmness and has a soothing effect on our nervous system.

Sarpagandha- It helps maintain the blood pressure levels and induces sleep.


If one doesn’t find any improvement after following these tips strictly, then there could be a more serious problem and they must go and see an Ayurvedic doctor in Ayurveda Hospital.

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