The corporate lifestyle of the present world not only demanding time but also demanding holistic well being from people. There are times when we hear from busy people that “There is no time to die even”. With less time in hand, people eat whatever they find and sleep whenever they like. These disorders leading to high levels of stress resulting in unhappy and exhausted lifestyle. Modern lifestyle made life easy but living became difficult with a lot of disturbances and anxieties. get cure with  Ayurveda Detox for corporate hectic lifestyle

Body detoxification means removing toxins from the body, improving digestive functioning and eliminating root causes of many body ailments. Detox in the present scenario has become an essential life tool and not at all an optional side therapy. It makes you feel calm, healthy and happy.

Why need Body Detox:

As the heading depicts the main cause of body detox is corporate hectic lifestyle where no time for eating, sleeping, and exercise. Some of the effects of this lifestyle and food habits lead to body detoxifying.

  • Tridosha imbalance leads to an increase in pitta, kapha or vata natures in the body which shows behavioral and physical abnormalities
  • The liver is the natural detoxifier in our body. But the accumulation of digestive toxins, toxic chemicals in the air is overloading liver.


Body Detox:


1) Detox should be done according to body doshas. One size fit for all solution never works here. First, know the body type by observing body physical and physiological characters. Take food according to that body type.

2) Eat more fiber food and Triphala laxatives to avoid constipation and bowel related syndromes because more toxin accumulation occurs in the digestive system.

3) Using Nasya oil, tridoshic massage oil daily helps to calm your nervous system. Instead of taking long hours therapies, using these easy oils deliver deep moisturizing and therapeutic effects on the body.

4) Reduces stress by decreasing multi-tasking and follow the body’s natural rhythms of sleeping and eating patterns

5) Follow Detox diet with a simple dish called kitchari made of rice and mung dal. It balances all proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. It can be served twice along with ghee which acts as the digestive lubricant and enhances digestion.

5)  Ayurveda has a lot of therapies like Panchakarma (Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Raktamokshana, Basti) that promote overall body health, rejuvenates body cells and eliminates toxins. It also has some other therapies like Poorvakarma (Drinking ghee and oil, having an herbal steam bath) and Paschatkarma (Diet as per body type).


Vamana helps in removing increased doshas through the oral route. Virechana helps in removing increased doshas through body route. Basti removes doshas through the anal route. Nasyam removes doshas through nasal route. Raktamokshan removes impure blood using leech or scalp veins


6) Cleansing yoga poses help in the detoxification process. The twisting yoga poses help in moving toxins away from your body and some poses relax the nervous system



Arya Vaidya Sala Baddi – Best Centre for Body Detox:

          The above remedies are best used under the consultation of a doctor and some ayurvedic medicines are also advisable in case of severe body detox.

Arya Vaidya sala hospital always has upper hand in providing the best quality doctors. We provide treatment along with some easy remedies which do not have any side effects. We provide a very patient-friendly environment. In terms of treatment, one can definitely choose Arya vaidya sala baddi.

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