No children are alike everyone will have their own individual characters based on how much emotional, physiological and psychological assistance they receive from their parents during childhood. Ayurveda For Healthy And Happy Children

Happy and healthy childhood assures sound health after growing up.  Children are in the phase of learning where mind-body coordination is required.

There are three main ayurvedic body types – vata, pitta, and Kapha. All parents should notice the mind-body type of children. They can be of these three types or combination of these types. All parents should examine the quality and quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat that children intake.


Causes for malnourishment and illness in children:

1) Food habits

As per Ayurveda one should consume food as per their body nature. But modern diet forces us to consume more spicy food which leads to increase of vita in the body. Children should avoid junk food, processed or packaged goods. These food habits lead to mental imbalances.

2) Lifestyle changes led to irregular eating and sleeping. This disturbs Tridosha balance and causes different physical and mental imbalances in children. This leads to improper growth in children


Ayurvedic remedies for common ailments in children:

1) Children should consume whole milk, almonds, walnuts and spices with more antioxidants which enhance oxygen availability to the brain.

2) Children can take herbal food supplements to nourish body and brain.

3) Abhyanga – Complete body massage using moisturizing and vitamin E rich oils should be given to children once a day to improve blood circulation and natural immunity. After the massage, stretching in the morning enhances bone and muscle elongation.

4) Constipation is seen frequently in children. It can be cured by giving warm milk with one teaspoon ghee during bed time

5) Indigestion is another common ailment in children. It can be cured by giving decoction of jeera, methi and Ajwain seeds. Sometimes indigestion leads to fever. It can be cured by rubbing fresh onion juice on navel part

6) Worms in stomach upset children a lot. They suffer from lack of appetite. It can be cured by giving papaya seed powder with milk

7) Teething in children causes vomiting and pain in many cases. It can be solved by giving clove oil with safflower oil

8) Common cold and cough in children can be cured using licorice root powder with honey or honey with ginger juice

9) Earache can be cured by applying licorice paste around the ears and using Tulasi leaf juice as ear drops

10) Urticaria can be cured by giving turmeric with milk and sugar



Arya Vaidya Sala Baddi – Ayurvedic treatment for healthy children:

However, the above are remedies for mild and moderate diseases. In case of persistent and severe ailments immediately consult a doctor. Use Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by specialist doctors.

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