Migraines are severe, recurring, and painful headaches. They can be preceded or accompanied by sensory warning signs and other symptoms. The extreme pain that migraines cause can last for hours or even days. so here are some ayurvedic tips to cure a Migraine.
  1. Yoga

According to Ayurveda doctors, doing the Brahmri Pranayyam or the Honey Bee Pose can heel Migraine. Yoga relaxes the blood vessels and calms our mind. It is basically a breathing exercise where we produce a humming sound like a bee.

The vibration of this does the soothing of the nerves around the brain and forehead. It is a very common practice for treating severe headaches.  It is very easy to do and can be learned easily too. Just put the index fingers in the ears. Fingers should be on cartilage.

Then press the cartilage-bone firmly and close the eyes. Then start making a humming sound as a bee does. Try to produce a high pitched sound and do it for 5-10 minutes every morning.


  1. Ginger tea and Green tea

It has been found and proven that ginger tea can help in curing the other symptoms of migraine-like nausea. Ginger tea is an essential drink for those who are suffering from a Migraine.

Ginger tea blocks the prostaglandins compound which is responsible for a headache. Doctors advise that one should consume 4-5 grams of ginger every day to reduce a Migraine.

Green tea is now a popular drink among us. It can also be used for curing headaches and Migraine. When we suffer from a headache, our nerves get dilated. Green tea contains antioxidants and constricts the blood vessels which produces a calm effect and relieves us from a headache.


  1. Inhaling essential Ayurvedic oils

Ayurvedic oils such as rosemary oil, lavender, and jasmine oil nourish our nerves when their scent enters our body via nostrils. These scents directly affect our nerves and reduce pain and tension.

Tension and stress trigger a Migraine headache and lavender scent reduces stress and calms down our mind. Rosemary oil lowers the hormonal imbalance which is a major cause of a Migraine.

The way of inhaling these scents is by pouring a few drops of oil into the hot water and inhales the steam coining out of it.

  1. Follow the guidelines

Practice pranayama and yoga regularly

Don’t let any trigger factors come your way.

Take all meals at a regular time and don’t skip any meal.

Do not change your sleep routine and take around 7-8 hours of sleep.

Try to relax and keep yourself calm.

When Consume some liters of water.

Don’t expose yourself to sunlight.

Make and maintain proper posture during sitting and sleeping.

Put something cold on your forehead to make yourself calm and reduce the pain.

Take a nap of 25-30 minutes if it is daytime or eight hours if it is night time.

Do some stretching exercises like Dhanurasana, and relax your muscles.


  1. Go and visit an Ayurvedic Vaidya

There are many other Ayurvedic therapies which are available in the hospitals. So, it is better to consult the best ayurvedic hospital doctors. It will give you the long-lasting, safe and better result. You can get the best ayurvedic therapy for curing the migraine disease in the ayurvedic hospitals.

The proper physical examination of the patient is done and based on this a proper ayurvedic procedure will be set by the doctors. In some cases, the MRI scan or X-ray is also referred by the doctors. Use this above method and say goodbye to your years of back pain.

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One thought on “Ayurveda tips to cure a Migraine”

  1. These tips are great for migraine. In addition, I wish to add here. Doing shirshasana or the asana’s where the head is lower than rest of the abdomen helps in bringing up flow to brain. The migraine or any other headache is due to imbalance of the brain. The patients seek low audio volumes, less light and want to dim all the sensors ( like eyes by opting for dark rooms, ears by closing the room and do not like the 5 basic senses of human body to be in touch, smell and feel. This is basically the brain over amplifies these senses and headache is caused. How to bring this down, is avoid eating stuff which has its own strong aroma of kind. Add lemon with honey in 100ml water and drink. Drink enough water in the daily intake of the fluids in the body. Practicing yoga , where emphasise on “nadi shodhan” pranayama , anulom vilom, sheershasana ( at the end to improve more flow of blood ), followed by mild hot ( warm) water bath . Close eyes while doing bhramari , create the humm sound , so that your pituitary , thyroid glands get stimulated near the neck and upper abdomen. Chanting OM 21 times helps as well. I have seen the pain of migraine patients disappear totally after few of these regimes. They still carry a fear that it may come back sometime. Sometimes due to rigid thinking that these simple techniques may not cure, they reduce the efforts.
    Allopathy medicines have no cure , but most of the prescriptions used are to deal with nerves to slow down in the body. Its like a induced drug effect for better sleep and slowing down the hyper active body of the patient. Sometimes pain killers prescribed , can cause long term harm than cure. Yoga, ayurvedic massage, pranayama has been found to cure many patients from the dreaded migraine headaches.

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