Ayurveda Tips to cure Back Pain

One of the most common problems which are faced by all age group is the back pain. It will affect the personal as well as the social life of the person. It will restrict the person from doing daily routine activities and make the poor quality of life, to get cure from these we have some Ayurveda Tips to Cure Back Pain

The back pain can be due to the poor sitting posture. It will change the normal curve of the spine by pulling the muscles. The increase in the muscle contraction will lead to lower back pain.

A sudden fall can also lead to back pain as it will tear, break and strain the tissues around the spine. The back pain can also be due to overweight, aging, and due to other factors.

Ayurveda for back pain

There are many medicines and treatment available for back pain but they give relief for only a short time. So, the best way to get rid of back pain is by using the ayurvedic treatment.

It will give you the long-lasting result. There are many ayurvedic therapies available for curing the back pain. The lower back pain is also due to the Vata Dosha. You can use some techniques to reduce this dosh.

Back pain Remedies


  1. Keep yourself warm: The Vata dosha increases in the cold region. You will suffer from the back pain immediately if you will go to the cold environment. So, it is better to keep yourself warm.


  1. Reduce the intake of spices: Tour body will have a drying effect when you will eat the red and spicy chilies. This dryness will increase the Vata dosha by leading your constipation.


  1. Avoid eating cold food: The Vata dosha increases with the consumption of cold food which further leads to back pain. So, always try to eat warm foods.


  1. Padahast asana yoga: One of the best yoga asana used for curing the lower back pain is the Padahast asana. This asana helps to eliminate constipation and lower back pain problems.


  1. Oil your body: The main organ of the Vata Dosha is the skin. It will get cracked and dry if not oiled. So, massage your skin with warm sesame oil. It will make your skin strong, healthy and reduce the aging process.


Ayurvedic therapies


  1. Abhyangam: In this therapy ayurvedic oil is used to massage the whole body. It helps in improving the blood circulation, gives you relief from the pain and ashes, and starts the ending of the nerves.
  2. Kati Basti: In this therapy special warm oil is prepared from the natural herbs and this oil is used for the massage the lower back portion. It helps to cure the lumbar spondylosis, lumbago and sciatica back problems.


  1. Pizhichil: in this medicated warm oil is squeezing onto the patient body with the help of a cloth. This oil is then soaked again and again in a vessel. This therapy helps to tone the muscles and provide them strength.


  1. Kizhi: in this therapy, small satchels are made in a cloth by using powders, rice, and sand. These are then heated and then poured onto the whole portion of the back. It delivers the dry heat massage. It eliminates the pain and calms down the irritated Vata.


  1. Sneha Basti: it used the medicated oil to give enema for the treatment of lower back pain.


There are many other Ayurvedic therapies and Ayurveda Tips to Cure Back Pain which are available in the hospitals. So, it is better to consult the best ayurvedic hospital doctors. It will give you the long-lasting, safe and better result. You can get the best ayurvedic therapy for curing the pack pain in the ayurvedic hospitals like Arya Vaidya Sala hospital.

It is delivering its ayurvedic services in Kerala and now also in the Baddi, Chandigarh. It is one of the best hospitals for the treatment of back pain. It has a team of qualified doctors in the Baddi, Chandigarh.

The proper physical examination of the patient is done and based on this a proper ayurvedic procedure will be set by the doctors. In some cases, the MRI scan or X-ray is also referred by the doctors. Use this above method and say goodbye to your years of back pain.

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