Detox and Rejuvenation

Nowadays the life of people is full of a hectic schedule. They don’t have even time for them to eat healthy food this is due to the busy schedule they have. They take irregular meals and have mostly sitting jobs. This creates a lot of health problem.

Detox & Rejuvenation at Arya Vaidya Sala, Baddi

The body produces a high amount of toxins which give rise to many diseases including back pain, stress, migraine, fat and many others. If proper care is not done, then it will burn their life.

For each and every person, it is important to use the process of detoxification every year. It helps in quickly shifting of your health towards the betterment. So, it is better to follow the Ayurveda therapy by using medicated oils and herbals.

The proper system of this therapy is followed at the AVS. This therapy is 100 percent side effect free. It is a program of 7 days which helps to remove all of your toxins, dosha, morbid and other impurities from the human body.
The AVS also set the proper exercises and Yoga program for everyone. By this, you will feel a sudden change in your physical and mental health. By this process of Detox Rejuvenation, each and every cell of your body will cheer his life.

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Why Us?

  • Arya Vaidya Sala is pioneer of Ayurveda health care and is one of the oldest Ayurvedic hospitals in India.
  • We have a history of more than 114 Years.
  • Patients from more than 68 countries visit AVS.
  • Owing to quality of treatments, AVS Kottakkal is also documented by BBC - Watch it Here.
  • We provide most authentic Ayurvedic Treatments For Detox and Rejuvenation under the supervision experienced doctors from Kottakkal, Kerala.