Stress can be defined as your body’s way of responding to a threat or a demand. The stress is the response that your body gives any danger that is real or imaginary. The mental health is considered as an important aspect of your life. It is directly promotional to the success of any person.

Treatment of Stress at Arya Vaidya Sansthanam, Baddi

Causes: As the technology has advanced we are facing high-stress levels. The major factors that lead to the disturbance of our mental health care problems, and competitions that we face in our personal and professional life.

According to the Ayurveda studies three mental factors; Satwika, Rajasika, and Thamasika take place in our life. Among all three of them, Satawika is defined as the Mano guna or a good quality factor for our mental health while Thamasika and Rajasika are the mano doshas or the low-quality factors. They have a negative impact on our mental health.

Treatment: According to a survey, different food has a high influence on modulating the mental factors. Stress can be dealt by following simple techniques like; yoga pranayama, dhyana. These techniques can be effectively used to control your mind and these factors. You can also opt for Ayurveda treatments like; Shirodhara, ShiroVasthi and other Keraleeya idioms. These methods are proven methods of dealing with stress.

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