Weight Loss or Obesity Management

Overweight is found in many people. This disease can be found in people of every age group.

Weight Loss & Obesity Management at Arya Vaidya Sansthanam, Baddi

Causes: The main etiological factors that lead to overweight or obesity are; overconsumption of sweet, cold or nourishing food, eating in untimely intervals, eating before the digestion of the previous food has taken place, overeating, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, sleeping during the day or excess sleep and taking a bath right after having your meal.

Treatment: Ayurveda has been beneficial for effective weight loss. The various treatment methods that can be used are; prevention therapy, purification therapy, and curative therapy. Ayurveda has many medicines for weight loss like the Panchakarma therapy.

This technique is used to purify the body. Some procedures of this technique are Virechana and Vasthi. This technique is used to purify the body and enhance the proper digestive power of your body. Some other methods like Udvarthana or the power massage can also be used to lose weight. Maintaining a proper lifestyle and adopting healthy habits like; swimming, exercising can also be effective for losing weight.

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